Bungalow is a new housing option
that’s as dynamic as you are

Flexible leases.

Fantastic Roommates.

Furnished spaces.


The Bungalow Way

A traditional lease doesn’t get you much more than 4 walls and a strict 12 month minimum contract. With Bungalow, we understand that people want more — with better options.

We’ve created a convenient, flexible housing solution that takes into account the lifestyle of today’s professional — whether you’re a founder, scholar, physician, lawyer, or none-of-the-abover.

A Better Lease

Traditional Lease

4 Walls

12 month minimum contract

Multiple Saturday Trips to Ikea

Terrible on-going phone calls (and billing cycles) with your local cable and utility companies

Bungalow Lease

Spacious private bedroom in a beautiful home

Flexible 3 -12 month leases

Beautifully furnished living and dining rooms

Utilities — gas, electric, housekeeping , wifi and smart tvs — already set up!

Each Bungalow home is also its own community and cradle of activity, connecting you to a new network of new friends and professionals in your new home. 


Diverse Roommates

We bring together different people, from different backgrounds — connected by values like mutual respect, genuine curiosity, and a desire to share.



Common spaces are designed to catalyze that sharing when the moment strikes — and let you be you when it doesn’t.

Worry Free

We take the stress out of finding roommates running background checks, credit checks, and references making sure they’re as awesome as you are. No more stressing over craigslist, no one likes a bad roommate.


The Bottom Line: 
Here’s Why We Started Bungalow

We’ve all leased or subleased apartments before — and one way or another, it takes the joy out of life.

More simply put: it’s kind of terrible. From Craigslist search onward... 

The goal of Bungalow is to take the daily hassle out of leasing and keeping house — and give you back more time to do the things you’re passionate about.

We want to create homes we’d actually want to live in, communities we’d want to be a part of. And we hope you’ll come home to Bungalow soon.