Flexible Lease Terms

Sometimes you need more — for less commitment. That’s why Bungalow offers more flexible leasing terms from 3 - 12 month leases. You do you.

All-Inclusive Utilities & Cleaning

We know no one likes talking to Comcast, so we’ll handle that for you. Your Bungalow comes with gas, electric, and WiFi — already setup. Plus, there’s FREE housekeeping!

Furnished Spaces

We don’t like building IKEA furniture either. That’s why our rooms and common spaces are move-in ready — outfitted with modern appliances, comfortable (and aesthetic) furniture, and other things you’ll already have before you realized you needed them.

Easy Rent Payments

Stop forgetting to mail your rent check… by never having to. Your monthly Bungalow payment is made easy with intuitive billing via direct deposits.


Well-Appointed Common Spaces

Common spaces are furnished to catalyze sharing when it’s hang-time — and inspire solitude when it’s me-time. Can you pass the remote?

Super-Fast WiFi

Whether you need to work or Netflix, you’ll be well taken care of by Eero WiFi hotspots.

Modern Appliances

We’re a technology company, so it goes without saying Bungalow homes are early adopters. From your morning (or midday, afternoon, and evening) coffee — to the laundry room.

Tricked-Out Kitchen

Chefs, entertainers, and Ramen-microwavers will have everything they need to prepare and share great meals.

Homey Dining Rooms

And regardless if your meals are cooked or carried-in, our homes have beautiful dining rooms to bring people together around the table.


Remarkable Roommates

Everyone has a story — a unique life story... and a story of a uniquely bad roommate. At Bungalow, we want you to focus on growing and sharing the former and avoiding the latter. That’s why Bungalow members are carefully vetted through background checks, references, and interviews. Bad roommates need not apply. 

Members-Only Networks

We’re all about inclusivity, but there are a couple things that count as Bungalow members-only — like our Slack channel and other private communication networks.

Organized Events

Whether you’re an extroverted introvert or the life of the party, we’ll give you opportunities to step away from your day-to-day and have some fun — without the pain of planning. 

Bungalow Exchange Program

No one wants to be tied down - in a city or a neighborhood. You might find yourself gelling with other members or simply want to check out LA living. If there’s an open spot, it’s yours, just give us 2 weeks notice.