Rentals Made Easy

Risk Free

We guarantee full rent payment. Gone are the days of hunting down late tenants. With Bungalow, we take on the risk of collecting rent so that you can live care-free.

Hassle Free

We take care of sourcing the best tenants so that you don't have to. As a community based platform, we want the best people living in our homes.

Mess Free

With monthly cleanups and highly vetted tenants, your home will be handled with care. Your home is just that–a home–not a college dorm.

Bungalow by the Numbers


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"Bungalow has been fantastic, they help coordinate our maintenance items, are extremely responsive and take the worry out of finding quality tenants”
  - Menlo Park Home Owner
“Bungalow has become my go to management team, we give them first access to all of our properties. They take the stress out of renting”
  -  Bay Area Property Management Group